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Keychron Q3’s First Render Shown – No Knob?

Keychron just released the first-ever render for the Keychron Q3, its upcoming TKL keyboard. The Q3 is shown with the company’s upcoming OSA keycaps, and curiously, it doesn’t seem to have a knob like the Q1 or Q2 keyboard.

This image of the Q3 was posted by Nick Xu of Keychron on Facebook. In the post, he was asking where would be an ideal position to put a knob on the TKL keyboard. “Some of the comments ask if Q3 will have a knob, but where to put it nicely?”

“Please show me some photo examples. I cannot find a nice way to fit the knob,” he added.

Anyway, beyond the knob situation, the Q3 should be similar to the Q1. If this is the case, it will be sporting a gasket mounting system, a hotswap PCB with VIA support, a full CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate, as well as support for screw-in stabilisers.

The Keychron Q3 is expected to go on sale sometime in January 2022, followed by the Q4 – it has a 60% layout instead – in March 2022.

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