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Keychron Q3 & Q4 Keyboards Confirmed: TKL & 60% Layouts, January 2022 Launch

Keychron’ Q series of keyboards is set to get even bigger in the coming months. Currently, the lineup is made up of the Q1 and Q2, which are 75% and 65% keyboards respectively. Come next year, the Q3 and Q4 keyboards – with TKL and 60% layouts respectively – will join the series.

Out of the two new keyboards, the Q3 TKL keyboard will be released first sometime in January 2022. As for the Q4 60% keyboard, it’s slated to be introduced in March 2022.

Beyond confirming the sizes of the Q3 and Q4 keyboards, Keychron did not reveal any other details, though they should be similar to the Q1 and Q2. If this is the case, they will sport a gasket mounting system, a hotswap PCB with VIA support, a full CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate, as well as support for screw-in stabilisers.

Evidently, Keychron is focusing quite a bit on its Q series keyboards, which are meant to appeal to the enthusiast keyboard crowd. The next product in the series to be released is the Q2 – it’s currently set to hit the market by the end of the month or early December 2021.

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