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Exclusive: This Is the Proton X50 in Citric Orange

We’ve seen the Proton X50 in all shades of colour in the previous media preview, but we have yet to see the B-segment SUV in one particular paint job: Citric Orange. Well, we were lucky enough to get a glance at this colour recently on the road.

We spotted the X50 in Citric Orange earlier today along the AKLEH highway. Interestingly, it was accompanied by two other colours, Passion Red and Ocean Blue. All three of them had a police escort, so chances are, the national carmaker is shooting an advertisement for the new SUV on the highway.

At a glance, the X50 in Citric Orange actually looks like a shade of red. Of course, once you compare it to the Passion Red model – it’s right behind the Citric Orange in the image above – you can see how different the two colours are. If you don’t quite like how bright the Passion Red model looks, the Citric Orange colour option is certainly a good alternative.

According to Proton, over 20,000 bookings for the X50 have been made in just two weeks. The carmaker mentioned that it will do its best to fulfill these orders in the last three months of 2020 – like to take advantage of the 100% sales tax exemption – and that it will do so without sacrificing the product quality of the SUV.

As for how much the Proton X50 will cost, a number of shady price lists have circulated online. We don’t know exactly how much the highly anticipated B-segment SUV will go for, but there is a good chance it will retail below the RM90,000 price point. If you’d like to learn more about Proton’s latest model, check out our first impressions of the X50.

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