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Proton X50 Pricing “Leaks” Again; Likely Fake

There’s no doubt the Proton X50 is garnering a lot of interest. After all, over 20,000 bookings for the B-segment SUV have already been placed, even though its full price list has not been revealed yet. Naturally, many are anxious to find out how much the X50 would cost, and some have taken it upon themselves to “leak” the pricing of the new model.

We stumbled upon this alleged pricing of the X50 on Lowyat.NET’s forum. According to the price list, the SUV will retail from around RM75,000 (1.5T Standard) to RM103,000 for the range-topping 1.5 TGDi Flagship trim. These are supposedly on-the-road prices with insurance included.

We’re not convinced these prices are legitimate for a couple of reasons. One, this price list is too close to the previous alleged pricing of the X50 that Proton already said was fake. Surely it’s no coincidence that both of these price lists are almost the same, even if this new pricing took into account the cost of insurance.

Second of all – and this is a big one – it doesn’t make sense for the price difference between the Standard, Executive, and Premium trims to be more than RM10,000 for each variant. After all, all of these models are powered by the same engine, and the difference in equipment don’t exactly command that kind of price premium either.

Take the Standard and Executive models of the X50. According to the alleged pricing, you’d be paying RM10,000 more for the Executive variant just for the addition of leatherette seats, two extra airbags, auto headlamps, front fog lamps, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. It’s a little bit much to pay five figures for these upgrades, isn’t it?

To further drive this point home, look at the claimed price difference between the 1.5T Premium and 1.5 TGDi Flagship. For only about RM7,000 extra (!), you’re getting a more powerful engine, a panoramic sunroof, and even the impressive Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Taking all of these into account, this supposed price list of the X50 makes very little sense. If anything, the price difference between the Premium and Flagship models should be the most drastic, given all of the extra features you’re getting with the latter.

If you’re worried this latest “leaked” pricing of the Proton X50 is legitimate, you can rest easy now. If you really want to know exactly how much the B-segment SUV will cost, we have a good idea here. The official launch of the highly anticipated B-segment SUV is happening very soon, and until then, check out our first impressions of the X50.

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  1. Proton should not quote the price of X50 to high. The top model must not exceed RM 90,000.00. At this time of covid 19, Malaysian may opt for other brand of cars such as the new Nissan Almera, Toyota Vios or the up coming Honda City Rs if the prices are more attractive and cheapet. Tks.

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