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Proton Launching Special Edition Saga, Persona, Iriz & Exora on 18 February

New Proton models are coming! Well, not entirely new ones, but special editions of the national carmaker’s existing models. These include the Proton Saga, Persona, Iriz, and even the Exora – basically, all of Proton’s “legacy” models prior to its partnership with Geely.

Proton revealed the existence of these new special edition models on its Facebook page not too long ago. Set to be unveiled next week on 18 February via a virtual launch event at 11AM – no surprise, given that MCO is still in effect – online bookings for the new models will also take place at the same time.

Based on the plethora of previous leaks, the special edition Saga and Iriz are the R3-branded models that we’ve seen so far, which have been confirmed by Proton itself. Just like the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition, the R3-stylised Saga and Iriz will also carry a black and yellow colour scheme throughout the exterior and interior.

As for the special edition Persona and Exora, they will be the “Black Edition” of the existing cars. As the name suggests, these two models will be painted black with some exterior updates, as teased by Proton right here. Basically, all of the special edition Proton models that will be unveiled soon will sport a black paint job, a colour option that’s usually not offered by the national carmaker these days.

To recap, the virtual launch event for these new special edition Proton models will take place next week on 18 February at 11AM on the national carmaker’s Facebook page. If you’re interested to learn more about these new models, you can register your interest with Proton over here.

Update 15 February, 12PM: We’ve updated this article with a new trailer by Proton for the Persona Black Edition and Exora Black Edition.

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