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Spy Spot: R3-Branded Proton Saga & Iriz Spotted on Trailer – Launching Soon?

Images of the R3-branded Proton Saga and Iriz started circulating online not too long ago, and it appears these two models may be introduced very, very soon. Both of them have just been spotted on trailers completely undisguised, suggesting that Proton may be gearing up to launch them in the near future.

These images were shared by the readers of Paul Tan. Looking at these shots, it’s evident that the Saga R3 shares quite a bit of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition‘s design language. The same black and yellow colour scheme is present, and there’s even an R3 badge on the rear of the upcoming Saga model.

As for the Iriz R3, it has the same colour scheme as the Saga R3. Its side mirrors are finished in yellow, there’s a yellow streak across the front end of the B-segment hatchback, and even the wheels seem to be larger than the current model. There’s also a yellow strip on the lower bumper of the Iriz R3.

Based on previous leaked images of the R3-branded Iriz and Saga, the interior of the two cars will carry the same black and yellow colour scheme. In fact, the front seats of both models carry the R3 branding as well, and in the case of the Saga R3, even the dashboard and instrument cluster have some yellow highlights, as you can see in the image below.

Given that the Proton Iriz R3 looks similar to the existing model, this is unlikely the 2021 facelifted model, so it’s possible it will be introduced by the national carmaker earlier than the facelifted Iriz and Persona. Anyway, we’ll keep a close eye on any announcement from Proton concerning the R3-branded Iriz and Saga.

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