Inside Apple The Exchange TRX – 3D Roof, Apple Pickup, Today at Apple, And More!
June 20, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Apple The Exchange TRX, the first-ever Apple Store in Malaysia, will be opening its doors on 22 June this Saturday. Ahead of its opening, we managed to get a look inside the store to see what it offers, and there are plenty of things to be excited about.

As we reported in our previous article, the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX has three floors. The first floor, which is where the main entrance is located, houses various Apple products. This is also where the dedicated Apple Pickup counter is located at; more specifically, on the left side of the store.

The second floor of Apple The Exchange TRX is described as a “floating deck” by Apple, and this is where The Forum is located. Today at Apple sessions (which are free) are also held here, which is where customers can learn how to get the most out of their Apple devices. See the empty tables on this floor? Well, that’s the Genius Bar area where customers can get help from Apple experts.

We previously reported that this Apple Store has entrances on the first and third floor – which we’ll talk about in a bit – but what we didn’t realise then is that there are actually two additional entrances on the second floor! These are located at either sides of the store, which are accessible from the second level of the mall itself.

Finally, there’s the third floor of the Apple Store, which has two entrances from the TRX City Park. While this floor is not particularly furnished, it does offer a pretty wide walkway for customers to walk around. You can definitely get a good overview of the Apple Store on this level, and there’s even an elevator for those who need it.

If you look up from this level, you can see the impressive three-dimensional layered roof with a “central glazed oculus” to bring daylight into the interior. The 3D roof is what gives this particular Apple Store its unique appeal, and just like other Apple facilities, Apple The Exchange TRX also runs on 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

Apple The Exchange TRX will be opening its doors to customers on 22 June this Saturday at 10AM. With over 160 team members at the Apple Store, look forward to exceptional customer service at the retail space. It’s worth noting that a special Today at Apple series, “Jom Discover,” will also be held from 22 June until 6 July to celebrate the opening of the store. If you’re interested to attend any of the sessions, you can sign up here.