Apple Pickup Now Offered in Malaysia at Apple The Exchange TRX
June 20, 2024 Andrew Cheng

With the opening of Apple The Exchange TRX this Saturday on 22 June, the Apple Pickup service will finally be offered in Malaysia. As its name suggests, customers can pick up their online orders at a dedicated counter within the new Apple Store.

Beyond that, it’s also worth noting that Apple The Exchange TRX will be the only retail store on our shores that offers Apple Education Pricing; that is, until more Apple Stores are opened in Malaysia. This makes sense, given that Apple Stores are directly handled by Apple, while Apple Premium Resellers such as Switch and Machines are operated by other companies.

One of the architectural highlights of Apple The Exchange TRX is the three-dimensional layered roof, which gives the store its unique appeal. Just like other Apple facilities, the Apple Store also runs on 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

Apple The Exchange TRX will be opening its doors to customers on 22 June this Saturday. A special Today at Apple series, “Jom Discover,” will also be held from 22 June until 6 July to celebrate the opening of the Apple Store. If you’re interested to attend any of the sessions, you can sign up here.