This Is Apple The Exchange TRX – Coverings Removed Ahead of 22 June Opening
June 18, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Apple’s first-ever physical store in Malaysia is set to open this Saturday on 22 June 2024, and ahead of the store’s opening, the Cupertino company already removed the coverings to the outlet. This gives us a glimpse at the interior of Apple The Exchange TRX, and it looks…well, very Apple-like.

Compared to Apple Store outlets found in other regions, The Exchange TRX branch features a rather unique square-like design. The scale of the store itself looks to be quite large too, spanning two floors with two entrances: one within the mall itself, and another at the TRX City Park.

Although the Apple Store at The Exchange TRX has two floors, it technically has a third floor. However, the top floor isn’t furnished much; there are only stairs (and even an elevator!) that lead to the other two floors. The first floor looks to feature various Apple products, while the second floor seems to be a space for Today at Apple hands-on sessions.

As you roam around The Exchange TRX, there are also signs that point to the location of the Apple store, which is a nice touch. If you want to see the store for yourself, you can take a peek at it now ahead of the official opening on 22 June this Saturday at 10AM.

It’s definitely exciting for Malaysia to get its own Apple Store, which is quite a bit different than the physical outlets currently operated by Apple Premium Resellers such as Switch and Machines on our shores. Not only in terms of design language, but also the Today at Apple sessions, which are just some of the unique appeals of an Apple Store.