2024 iPad Pro & iPad Air Available in Malaysia Soon – Registered With SIRIM
May 20, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Officially unveiled just a couple of weeks ago, it looks like the new iPad Pro and iPad Air will be available in Malaysia very soon. Both tablets are now offered in two sizes – 11-inch and 13-inch – and compared to their respective predecessors, they are quite a bit faster too.

As usual, we were going through SIRIM’s database when we saw three new iPad models registered by Apple itself. These include the 11-inch iPad Pro (A2836), 11-inch iPad Air (A2902), and 13-inch iPad Air (A2898). It’s worth noting that these three models are the WiFi-only variants; we expect other models to be registered with SIRIM in the coming days.

Of the two tablets, the new iPad Pro is naturally the more powerful machine. The M4 chip under its hood features 4 performance cores with 6 efficiency cores, which is said to be 50% faster than M2 in the previous iPad Pro. The M4 is more power-efficient as well, being able to match the performance of the M2 at only half the power.

As for the updated iPad Air, it is powered by the Apple M2 chip. Apple says that this makes the tablet 50% faster than the M1 iPad Air; 3x faster when compared to the A14 Bionic model. Aside from that, both the iPad Air and iPad Pro support the Apple Pencil Pro too. A new squeeze gesture has been added to the stylus that can bring up a menu, and it has haptic feedback as well.

Now that the new iPad Pro and iPad Air have been registered with SIRIM, there’s a good chance the two tablets will be available for purchase in Malaysia very soon. If we were to take a guess, it’s entirely possible they will be sold here as early as next week, judging by the release timeline of previous Apple products after they have appeared in SIRIM’s database.