Mode Eighty (2022) Pre-Orders Now Live – Custom TKL Keyboard From $459, Shipping March 2022
November 24, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The updated Mode Eighty (2022) is now available for pre-order. This premium, custom TKL keyboard retails from $459 (about RM1,930), making it slightly more affordable than the original 2020 model.

The reason why the new Eighty costs less is thanks to its new, softer isolated top mount system, which doesn’t require the PORON base; a compulsory part for the previous model. If you want a more muted, stiffer typing experience, you can get that base (for the stack mount system) as a $20 add-on, increasing the price to $479 (about RM2,015).

Compared to the Mode SixtyFive, the Eighty’s different parts are not quite as customisable, though you do have a fair number of colour options. You can customise the colour of the top and bottom case, a hotswap or solderable PCB, as well as plate material.

You can place your pre-order of the Mode Eighty – and configure the keyboard to your liking – right here. Fulfilment for the Eighty will begin as early as March 2022, so that’s only a four-month lead time – a very short waiting time in this hobby.