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Mode Eighty Custom Keyboard Updated With New Features – Pre-Orders Open 19 November

The popular Mode Eighty custom keyboard has just been updated with new features and mounting styles. Just like the Mode SixtyFive, the new Eighty will be quite customisable too, and get this: pre-orders for the keyboard will be opened indefinitely.

It’s very rare for a custom keyboard to be available for pre-order without a closing date. Mode also mentioned that fulfilment for the Eighty will begin as early as March 2022. Given that pre-orders of the TKL keyboard will be open on 19 November, that’s merely a four-month lead time – a very short waiting time in this hobby.

Anyway, one of the most notable changes to the new Mode Eighty is two mounting options: stack mount or isolated top mount. Previously, only the former mounting style is offered for the Eighty, which offers a stiffer, more muted typing experience. If you want a more flexible typing feel, you can go with the isolated top mount option instead.

Aside from that, Mode also revealed that there will be more customisation options for the Eighty. Chances are, it will be as customisable as the SixtyFive. If this is the case, you will be able to change the material and colour for almost every single part of the Eighty.

No word yet on exactly how much the Mode Eighty will be priced at. For context, the most recent Eighty restock saw the custom TKL keyboard go from $480 (about RM2,000). According to Mode, more details on the new custom TKL keyboard will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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