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Mode Eighty Premium Custom TKL Keyboard Back in Stock Tonight From $480

The popular Mode Eighty custom TKL keyboard kit will go on sale again tonight. What makes the sale for this premium keyboard particularly interesting is the fact that it’s an in-stock sale – you won’t have to wait months for the keyboard to be delivered to you.

Available in five distinct colours – Daemon, Iris, Lotus, Dart, and Charge – only around 440 units (approximately 90 units per colour) of the Mode Eighty are up for grabs. The solderable version retails at $480 (about RM2,030), while the hotswap configuration costs slightly more at $490 (around RM2,070).

What makes the Mode Eighty particularly unique is its “stack mount” design, which uses a foam in the bottom case to fill the space beneath the PCB of the keyboard. Not only does the foam act as a sound dampener, it also provides a firm typing experience – you can listen to the sound signature of the Eighty in Taeha Types’ sound test below.

Aside from that, the Mode Eighty has all the features you’d come to expect from a premium custom TKL keyboard kit. It has a TKL (or 80%) layout, an all-aluminium case, an aluminium plate, as well as support for screw-in stabilisers.

The Mode Eighty will be available for purchase tonight at 1AM Malaysian time (or 10AM PT) over here. Given that there are limited units, you do have to be quick to secure a unit. Good luck!

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