Keychron Q1 Retails From $139 – Pre-Orders Open in July 2021
June 21, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Keychron just revealed a lot more details on its upcoming 75% mechanical keyboard, the Keychron Q1. Not only do we have the retail price of the keyboard now, it will also go on pre-order next month in late July 2021.

Just like Keychron’s other products, the Q1 is a relatively affordable mechanical keyboard, especially taking into account the feature set of the keyboard. The barebone kit of the Q1 – that is, without switches and keycaps – retails at $139, which comes up to about RM575.

If you want a fully assembled Q1 instead, it will set you back $169 (approximately RM700). Basically, you’re paying $30 more for double-shot ABS keycaps and factory lubed Gateron switches – that’s pretty good value for money.

Besides pricing, Keychron also revealed more images and features of the Q1. It is set to be available in black, white, grey, and dark blue. A yellow colourway is being considered too, though this will depend on interest.

Interestingly, it’s possible to add on a rotary encoder, brass weight, and brass plate to the Q1 as well, though the prices for these options have not been revealed yet. Three plate options will be offered in the first round of pre-orders: aluminium, FR4, and polycarbonate.

Other specifications of the Q1 include a gasket mount design – eight gaskets are pre-installed, and another eight will be provided with the keyboard – a full CNC aluminium body, a hotswap PCB with south-facing LEDs, screw-in stabilisers, and VIA support out of the box to easily customise the mapping of the keyboard.

The Keychron Q1’s feature set – on paper, at least – certainly appeals to custom mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. To recap, the Q1 is set to go on pre-order in late July next month from $139; it with start shipping to customers in late August 2021. You can register your interest for the keyboard over here.

Update 21 June, 4PM: Keychron just released updated details on the Q1’s pricing and availability. The article has been updated to reflect these changes.

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