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Keychron Q1 Pre-Orders Open 24 August – Starts at $139

After months of teasers, the Keychron Q1 will finally be available for pre-order on 24 August. If you’re in the market for a relatively affordable 75% mechanical keyboard with features that are only typically found on enthusiast-level keyboards, the Q1 fits the bill.

The Q1 is available in two configurations: the barebone kit – that is, without switches and keycaps – retails at $139, which comes up to about RM585. The fully assembled model with double-shot ABS keycaps and factory lubed Gateron Phantom switches, on the other hand, costs $169 (approximately RM715).

If these prices seem a tad high for a Keychron keyboard, that’s really not the case, given what you get for the money. As mentioned, the Q1 is packed with features that are usually only found on enthusiast-level keyboards, including a gasket mounting system, a CNC aluminium body, a hotswap PCB with south-facing LEDs, and even screw-in stabilisers.

With that in mind, a $139 starting price for the Q1 is more than fair. This even makes it one of the most affordable 75% mechanical keyboards with such a feature set. If you’re curious, Keychron released a sound test of the Q1 too – you can listen to it in the video below.

The Keychron Q1 will be available for pre-order on Keychron’s website on 24 August at 9PM for us here in Malaysia. You can also register your interest for the keyboard over here.

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