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Zenless Zone Zero 2nd Closed Beta Registration Open – Available on PC, iOS, Android

Hoyoverse is finally doing a second round of closed beta test for its upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero. According to the company, the upcoming beta test will feature redesigned combat mechanics, new playable characters, and a “thoroughly overhauled city with new, immersive urban gameplay.”

For this round of closed beta for Zenless Zone Zero, it will be offered on three platforms: PC, iOS, as well as Android. While it’s confirmed that the game will also be offered on consoles – we reckon the PS5 will get the game – this beta test will not involve any of the systems.

Before you sign up for Zenless Zone Zero’s closed beta test, do note that there are minimum system requirements for the game. If you want to test the iOS version, for example, an iPhone XS is the bare minimum, though the iPhone 11 Pro is recommended.

If you’re keen to sign up for the second closed beta test of Zenless Zone Zero, you can do so here. Interestingly, the actual start and end dates of the test have not been announced yet – these details will be revealed at a later date.

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