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Zenless Zone Zero Console Release Confirmed, But There’s Still No Launch Date

Hoyoverse recently revealed that its upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero, will be coming to consoles – yes, in plural – alongside PC and mobile. However, the company did not reveal which consoles will be getting the game, though it is likely the PS5 will be one of it.

After all, two of Hoyoverse’s games are available on the PS5. There’s Genshin Impact, as well as Honkai: Star Rail come 11 October next month. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen exactly when Zenless Zone Zero will be released – there’s still no release timeline for the game.

Nonetheless, Zenless Zone Zero does look like a very promising action RPG game with a rather interesting storyline; the latter is certainly expected from a Hoyoverse title. Based on our brief time playing through the beta, we enjoy its dynamic combat system quite a bit.

You can get a feel for Zenless Zone Zero’s gameplay mechanics and world exploration from its Gamescom 2023 trailer below. We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the release date of the game, not to mention which consoles will be getting Hoyoverse’s upcoming title.

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