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Video: Staebies Full Sound Test – No Holee Mod Needed!

Here it is: our full sound test of the Staebies. It’s been about a week since I’ve lubed these excellent screw-in stabilisers, and they have been performing great! If you’re tired of holee modding your stabilisers, you’ll absolutely love the Staebies.

As you can hear in the video above, the Staebies sound really, really good with just some lube; I didn’t even need to holee mod them. For the housing, I used Krytox 205g0, while the wires were coated with XHT-BDZ. Yes, this lube is not too thick for the Staebies despite their tight tolerances.

We have a thorough lubing guide of the Staebies right here. Hopefully, these screw-in stabilisers will be restocked soon – they have been flying off the shelves.

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