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Staebies Now in Stock on Salvun

If you didn’t manage to get the Staebies from Keyboard Treehouse, good news: the excellent screw-in stabilisers are now available from Salvun. If you’re located in Europe, this is the best vendor to get the Staebies from.

However, because Salvun is based in Europe, shipping will be quite expensive if you’re outside of the region. For reference, it costs €37.47 (about RM180) to get the Staebies shipped to Malaysia from Salvun, though you can always purchase several sets to offset the high shipping cost.

Aside from that, Salvun only has the all-black nylon Staebies in stock; the clear polycarbonate version is not offered. But beyond that, the Staebies, which are listed at €19.83 a set (about RM95) from Salvun, cost about the same as getting them from Keyboard Treehouse.

If you don’t want to miss out on the Staebies again, you can get it from Salvun right here. But if you can wait, do note that Cannon Keys and Ashkeebs – which are based in the US and Canada respectively – will also carry the Staebies very soon.

Update: Cannon Keys now have the Staebies in stock!

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