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Proton to Focus on Export Markets in 2021, Including Proton X50’s International Debut

Proton just revealed more details on its export business. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the national carmaker’s export business has actually grown by 10.6% this year. This month itself, Proton will be entering more international markets, including the international debut of the highly sought-after Proton X50.

Of course, we’ve actually covered this in our previous report when the X50 was open for booking in Brunei. According to the press release sent by Proton, the B-segment SUV is only set to debut in Brunei at the moment, though there is a good chance the X50 will also be sold in other markets in the future.

Aside from the X50, Proton will commence CKD and sales operations in two markets as well: Kenya and Pakistan. The carmaker did not reveal which particular model will be sold in these two countries, but according to a Facebook post by State House Kenya, at least the Proton Saga is confirmed for the Kenyan market.

Speaking of the Saga, both Bangladesh and Egypt will be launching the A-segment sedan in their respective markets sometime this month, followed by Nepal before the end of the year. Evidently, Proton is focusing on the Saga quite a bit for its export business.

Now, despite putting more emphasis on export markets in 2021, Proton will definitely continue to meet local demand as well. “The company (Proton) strives to meet strong local demand for its products in December,” the carmaker said. Hopefully, this means more customers will get their X50 soon, given that only 2,203 units of the SUV have been delivered as of the end of November.

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