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Proton S70 Detailed Specs Leak: 4 Variants, 1.5L Turbo Engine, ADAS Only for Flagship/Flagship X

With the official unveiling of the Proton S70 today, we’re getting a lot of leaked details on the upcoming C-segment sedan. This time around, we’ve got a (supposed) detailed specs table of the S70, which looks to confirm the existence of four different variants.

The image below was uploaded by one Jaffreen Jaafar in the Automotive/Car Discussion Group on Facebook. As the table shows, all four models (Executive, Premium, Flagship, Flagship X) carry the 1.5T designation, which is the same naming convention used by the X50 to signify the models that feature the 1.5L MPI turbo engine.

With that in mind, we believe the S70 lineup will be powered by the sole 1.5L MPI turbo mill; assuming the specs table above is legitimate, of course. Anyway, the turbo engine outputs 150PS and 226Nm of torque, and Proton confirmed that the sedan will be packed with a dual-clutch transmission. This is likely the same 7DCT used by the X50 and X70.

Aside from that, six airbags look to be standard across the S70 range, as well as ABS, brake assist, electronic stability control, traction control system, and hill hold assist. However, only the Flagship and Flagship X – which adds on a sunroof – feature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It is said to be similar to the X90’s sophisticated ADAS, though it doesn’t include emergency lane keeping assist and auto park assist.

Bookings for the Proton S70 are now open at all Proton outlets, with public previews happening from 11 November. Chances are, the previews will be reserved for customers who have placed a booking for the sedan. Production has started for the S70, so it is very likely the sedan will be launched sometime this month, just as promised.

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    1. We’re still waiting on Proton to reveal the S70’s pricing. The sedan should be launched sometime this month!

  1. Then, the red perdana 2.4 litres like mine has a majority of the specs but perdana is bigger and wider, cheaper with twin absorbers per tyre makes it very, very comfortable. I made kb to kl in 4.5 hours only, super fast but comfy, very intelligent car with many assists only radio keeps malfunction. Please bring back the perdana, proton. Oh, mine is everything HONDA. HAHA….

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