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Video: Driving the Proton X90, X70 & X50 in 2023!

The Proton X series is the result of the national carmaker’s collaboration with Geely over the years. It started with the X70 back in 2018, followed by the X50 in 2020, and of course, the X90 earlier this year. In a recent media drive, we managed to drive all three of the SUVs, so here’s our quick review of them!

Each of the SUV caters to different crowd. The X50, thanks to its more compact size, feels more agile and nimble, making it the most fun to drive – in our opinion, anyway. The X90, on the other hand, is made for those with a bigger family, and it also has the best ride quality in terms of comfort. As for the X70, it sits right between the two of them, both in terms of drivability and ride comfort.

Watch our video above to learn more about the X90, X70, and X50! Looking forward, Proton is rumoured to be working on several new models. These include an X70 facelift, an updated X50, and even a brand new sedan popularly referred as the Proton S50. All of them are said to be introduced sometime this year or early next year.

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