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Perodua Sold 6,988 Units in August 2021 – Chip Shortage Won’t Affect Production

Since the automotive sector was allowed to resume operations on 16 August, Perodua managed to increase its monthly sales quite a bit. Compared to its July sales of only 655 units, the carmaker managed to register 6,988 vehicles in August 2021.

“We would see the production and registration numbers multiply in September as the situation normalise,” said the CEO and President of Perodua, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad. As of August 2021, the carmaker shipped 104,933 units; a 12.5% drop compared to 119,977 vehicles the brand sold in the same period last year.

Given that the automotive sector wasn’t operational between 1 June to 15 August 2021, this drop is expected.

Aside from that, Dato’ Zainal also said that the semiconductor chip shortage will not affect Perodua’s production plan. The carmaker has secured enough chips for its production to resume smoothly this year, and he reiterated that most of Perodua’s outstanding orders would be met within the year.

However, Dato’ Zainal added that “the semiconductor chip supply is still a global issue.” To address this, he said Perodua will be working with its partners and suppliers to limit any disruption this shortage may cause.

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