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Car Factories Allowed to Operate From Tomorrow; Showrooms Opened Too

Great news: the government just announced that most of the automotive sector will be allowed to resume operations from tomorrow onwards, including car factories and showrooms. This even applies to states that are still in the first phase of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

However, there are a number of conditions that have to be met. For car factories to operate, at least 40% of the staff have to be fully vaccinated. Factories with fully vaccinated staff between 40% to 59% are allowed to operate at 60% capacity.

It goes up to 80% operation capacity if staff are between 60% to 79% fully vaccinated. For car factories to operate at 100% capacity, 80% of the staff have to be fully vaccinated. It’s worth noting that this applies to all factories in the non-essential category.

Although car showrooms are also allowed to operate from tomorrow onwards – even car washes too – only fully vaccinated customers are allowed to visit these premises. Basically, this is an extension on the ease of restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals announced last week.

Given that most of the automotive sector ceased operations since June 2021, these ease of restrictions should help the industry recover lost businesses. If you’ve been waiting to receive delivery of your car, perhaps it’s time to give your sales advisor a call tomorrow.

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