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New PS5 Model Has a Smaller Heatsink – May Run Hotter

It’s no secret that a newer, lighter version of the PlayStation 5 has started shipping to customers, but it wasn’t known what was changed to reduce the weight of the next-gen console – until now. Turns out, the updated PS5 is lighter because it has a smaller heatsink for the cooling solution.

This was revealed in a video by Austin Evans, who disassembled both the old and new PS5 Digital Edition to see what was changed between the two models. The biggest difference is definitely the downsized heatsink, which seems to increase the operating temperatures of the updated console too.

In comparison to the original PS5, Evans said that the newer model appears to be running 3 to 5°C hotter; that’s quite a big difference. Granted, he only tested the rear exhaust temperatures of the two models, and it’s entirely possible only his unit is running hotter due to variance in manufacturing.

However, given that the heatsink of the new PS5 is physically smaller, it’s likely that it won’t be able to dissipate heat quite as efficiently as the original model with a larger heatsink. Interestingly, despite the fact that it runs hotter, the updated PS5 is actually slightly quieter, which can be attributed to the different fan design.

Do note that this is only a comparison between the old and new PS5 Digital Edition. It remains to be seen if the standard PS5 received the same hardware revisions too.

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