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New, Lighter PS5 Model With Revised Stand Quietly Launched

It appears Sony quietly launched a new, lighter version of the PlayStation 5. Not only does the new variant weigh slightly less than the original PS5, it also has a new stand design that doesn’t require a screwdriver anymore to install.

This new version of the PS5 was confirmed by Press Start, a gaming site based in Australia. The site shared an image of the updated screw for the PS5’s stand, which can now be screwed in by hand. Twitter user bdp2007 also got the updated PS5, and it appears the design of the stand itself is slightly different too.

It’s worth noting that a Japanese manual for an updated PS5 started circulating online last month, and this seems to be the very same model. The manual also revealed that the new PS5 is slightly lighter (300g for the Digital Edition), though it remains to be seen what’s the weight difference for the standard model with a Blu-Ray disc drive.

At the time of writing, Sony did not confirm the existence of a new PS5 model. Given the small changes implemented here, we reckon this will remain to be an unannounced minor update to the PS5. After all, Sony did this many times throughout the life cycle of the PS4.

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