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Keychron Q4 – 60% Keyboard Coming Q1 2022 From $149

Even though Keychron has only released one keyboard in the Q series, the company just shared more details on the fourth upcoming keyboard in the lineup, the Keychron Q4. Essentially, it’s a 60% version of the Q1 with some distinct differences here and there.

Just like the rest of the Q series keyboards, the Q4 will retail at $149 (about RM630) for the barebone kit, or $169 (approximately RM715) for the fully assembled version. Aside from that, it also has a gasket mounting system, full aluminium body, VIA-compatible hotswap PCB, and support for screw-in stabilisers.

Of course, the Q4 does have a couple of unique features, including a more compact 60% layout (naturally) and silicone pads between the top and bottom cases. In theory, this should reduce case ping, improving the keyboard’s sound profile.

As the Geekhack interest check shows, the Keychron Q4 is expected to be available sometime in Q1 2022, which lines up with the previous estimate of a March 2022 launch. If you’re looking to get a reasonably affordable 60% keyboard with some features only typically found on a custom board, the Q4 may be worth waiting for.

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