Custom Keyboard Stabiliser Showdown! TX vs. Staebies vs. Durock V2

We’ve got (arguably) three of the most popular keyboard stabilisers in the market now, and we’re putting them to the test to see which one will reign supreme! Will it be the new kid on the block, TX, the incredibly popular Staebies, or the OG Durock V2?

All of these stabilisers were tested on an FR4 plate and PCB of the Mode SixtyFive (stay tuned for our full review of this excellent custom keyboard). We lubed all three stabilisers with Krytox XHT-BDZ on the wires, and Krytox 205g0 on the housings – no mods of any kind were performed.

Of course, we’ll be posting our full review of the TX stabilisers very soon on our YouTube channel and this website. In the meantime, listen for yourself how these three stabilisers sound in stock configuration and after they’re lubed!

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