Akko Black & Silver 5075B Plus Review: Another Great Budget Pre-Built Keyboard
March 12, 2024 Andrew Cheng

Akko has really made a name for itself in the pre-built keyboard market. This comes as no surprise, as the brand’s keyboards provide excellent feature set and value for money, including the Akko Black & Silver 5075B Plus I am reviewing here – yes, the official product name is quite a mouthful.

Retailing from only RM339 in Malaysia, the 5075B Plus is without a doubt an affordable pre-built keyboard. While there are some aspects of the keyboard that could be improved upon, it’s still a very easy pre-built to recommend, especially to folks that are just about to get into the custom keyboard hobby.

What It Is

Simply put, the Akko Black & Silver 5075B Plus is a 75% keyboard with a gasket mount system, wireless support, and a knob on the top right corner of the keyboard. It also has a polycarbonate plate for a softer typing experience, plus a PCB with hotswap support, making it easy to swap out switches.

For the Malaysian market, the 5075B Plus is distributed by Sun Cycle on our shores with a RM339 price tag with two switch options: Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro linear switch, or the Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro tactile switch. I tried both switches, and they are equally good! More on this further down the review.

The Good Stuff

The typing experience of the 5075B Plus is one of the highlights of the keyboard, in my opinion. Thanks to its gasket mount system and polycarbonate plate, it has a rather soft typing experience. While it doesn’t feel particularly bouncy or flexible, it’s certainly not a harsh keyboard to type on.

Sound profile of the 5075B Plus is not bad either; it doesn’t have the typical plasticky sound signature of pre-built keyboards despite sporting a plastic case, which is great. While I wouldn’t say it’s a thocky keyboard – despite sporting an IXPE switch pad – I don’t think it’s a clacky keyboard either. It’s right in the middle of the two extremes, I feel.

And then we have the switches of the 5075B Plus. The review unit I received features the Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro switch, and it offers a nice, smooth linear typing experience. While there’s a slight audible scratchiness if I put my ear right next to the switch, this doesn’t present itself in normal typing conditions.

I swapped to the Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro tactile switch to see how it compares to the Cream Yellow Pro, and not surprisingly, both switches sound similar to each other. Of course, the difference is in the typing characteristic, and the Cream Blue Pro has a nice, rounded tactile bump, which I personally quite like.

Another feature of the 5075B Plus that I like is its wireless support. Whether you want to use Bluetooth or the provided 2.4GHz dongle – which is slotted under the keyboard – it can work wirelessly without issue. There’s also Windows and Mac support, which can be switched with a convenient toggle.

Oh, the 5075B Plus also has RGB lighting, if that’s your thing.

Last but not least is the affordable price tag of the 5075B Plus. Priced at only RM339, you’re getting a great pre-built keyboard with a soft, comfortable typing experience; pleasant sound profile; good switches; and even wireless support. Needless to say, the value proposition of the keyboard is great.

The Bad Stuff

But as much as I like the 5075B Plus, there is one aspect of the keyboard that hold it back from being a truly great pre-built: stabiliser quality. This is really the biggest shortcoming of the 5075B Plus. I have nothing against clip-in stabilisers, as some of them can be really good, but the factory stabilisers that come with the keyboard…could be better.

While the clip-in stabilisers have decent factory lubing to minimise rattling, they don’t sit particularly tightly on the plate. This, in turn, make the stabilised keys feel…well, loose. Granted, there are mods that can tighten the stabilisers, but it does require some effort from the user.

Is It Worth It?

Nonetheless, priced at only RM339 in Malaysia, the value proposition of the Akko Black & Silver 5075B Plus is fantastic. Again, for that kind of money, you’re getting good typing experience, sound profile, switches, and even wireless support.

The only real downside of the 5075B Plus is its default clip-in stabilisers, which are not as tight as they should be. If it was fitted with higher quality stabilisers, it would make the keyboard that much better, though the 5075B Plus as it is is still a great pre-built keyboard that I’ll gladly recommend to folks that are looking to get an affordable 75% keyboard.