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Video: TX Stabiliser Review – Clip-In Stabilisers Can Be Good!

Who thought clip-in stabilisers can be as good as screw-in ones? Well, that’s exactly what the TX stabiliser has proved. We compare it to the Staebies and Durock V2 in the video review above, and if you can get your hands on the TX stabiliser, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

All of these stabilisers were tested on an FR4 plate and PCB of the Mode SixtyFive (stay tuned for our full review of this excellent custom keyboard). We lubed all three stabilisers with Krytox XHT-BDZ on the wires, and Krytox 205g0 on the housings – no mods of any kind were performed.

Unfortunately, the TX stabiliser is sold out right now, but it does get restocked somewhat regularly. You can check if it’s back in stock on Rebult Keyboards if you’re in Malaysia, or Mekibo for the international market.

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