Tesla Supercharger Available in Sunway Pyramid Soon – Tesla Cars Only
October 10, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Looks like Tesla is rapidly growing its network of Superchargers around Klang Valley. The latest location to get the fast EV charger is none other than Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya, and it looks to be open to Tesla cars only.

First spotted by SoyaCincau, the Supercharger at Sunway Pyramid is located right outside of the mall near the main entrance. The station has four stalls in total, and it looks to be under construction. A large “Tesla charging only” sign is also clearly written on each parking bay.

Given that this a Tesla Supercharger, idle fees are applicable. Basically, if your car is already fully charged and you still leave it connected to the charger, you will be charged a certain amount per minute. Take the Pavilion KL Supercharger: a RM2 idle fee is charged per minute, and it goes up to RM4 per minute if the station is fully occupied. To avoid being charged idle fees, you will need to disconnect the charger within five minutes of charging completion.

While the Supercharger at Sunway Pyramid will only be open to Tesla vehicles, it’s worth noting that selected Superchargers in the future will be usable by non-Tesla EVs. After all, it was previously revealed that Tesla will install at least 50 DC fast chargers in Malaysia (with a minimum charging rate of 180kW), and 30% of them have to be made available to non-Tesla vehicles.