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Tesla Supercharger Pavilion KL Now Available – RM1.25 Per kWh, Up to RM4 Idle Fee

It appears the first Tesla Supercharger in Malaysia located at Pavilion KL is now operational. This was first spotted by a member in the MyEVOC Facebook group, and at RM1.25 per kWh, the rate is actually quite competitive for a fast charger.

Of course, this being a Tesla Supercharger, idle fees are applicable. If your car is fully charged and you still leave it connected to the charger, you will be charged RM2 per minute. If the station is fully occupied – there are eight stalls available in Pavilion KL – the rate goes up to a whopping RM4 per minute.

To avoid being charged idle fees, you will need to disconnect the charger within five minutes of charging completion.

At the moment, the Tesla Supercharger in Pavilion KL is only open to Tesla vehicles, though selected Superchargers in the future should be usable by non-Tesla EVs. After all, it was previously revealed that Tesla will install at least 50 DC fast chargers in Malaysia (with a minimum charging rate of 180kW), and 30% of them have to be made available to non-Tesla vehicles.

If you do happen to be driving a Tesla in Malaysia now, head on to Pavilion KL to give Malaysia’s first Tesla Supercharger a shot. It is located at the mall’s basement parking (level B1) near the C21 pillar. It’s worth noting that Tesla have listed nine other Supercharger locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

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