Spy Shot: 2023 Proton X70 Facelift Spotted Again – Looks to Be Based on 2022 Geely Boyue
October 4, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The 2023 Proton X70 facelift has been spotted on Malaysian roads yet again. This time around, two different test mules of the upcoming C-segment SUV were seen on the KESAS highway and Old Klang Road. Compared to previous spy shots, both units look to be sporting new wheels too, which seem to match those found on the 2022 Geely Boyue facelift.

These images of the camouflaged X70 were posted by Eric Yong Gx and Rahimi Jalaluddin on the Proton X70 Owner Club Malaysia Facebook page. Aside from the design of the wheels, the taillights of the X70 test units look identical to the current iteration of the SUV too, suggesting that the upcoming facelift is based on the 2022 Boyue instead of the Boyue Pro and Azkarra, unlike what we’ve previously reported.

It’s worth noting that the front end of the camouflaged X70 looks strikingly similar to the Boyue Pro and Azkarra, which makes since, given that the 2022 Boyue shares the same front design. Beyond that, the new Infinite Weave grille is visible from these spy shots too, which does look to take inspiration from the Proton X90’s diamond-shaped studs.

Beyond the updated exterior, the facelifted X70 is said to feature a new interior too, which we reckon will take cues from the 2022 Boyue. If this is indeed the case, it should feature a bigger, more modern-looking infotainment screen. There may be some changes to the overall dashboard design too.

As for expected release, the Proton X70 MC2 facelift is rumoured to be introduced towards the end of the year or January 2024 after the launch of the much anticipated Proton S50 sedan sometime in November next month. The Proton X50 is also said to be receiving a Running Change update, which may see some minor improvements to the popular B-segment SUV.