Apple Watch Series 9 Spotted in SIRIM – Available in Malaysia Soon?
October 3, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Apple Watch Series 9 was announced just a few weeks ago, and it looks like the new smartwatch is set to be available here in Malaysia very soon. Powered by the new S9 chip, the Series 9 features a brighter display now with support for the new “double tap” gesture.

In our usual search through SIRIM’s database, we noticed two new Apple Watch entries carrying the model numbers A2978 and A2980. A quick check on Apple’s support page confirms that these two products are the Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) in 41mm and 45mm sizes respectively.

For the Malaysian market, the Apple Watch Series 9 retains the same RM1,899 starting price as its predecessor. The new double tap gesture offered by the Series 9 is certainly one of its highlights, which allows users to control the primary button in any given app with just a double tap of the index finger and thumb.

Beyond that, there’s also the aforementioned brighter display of the Series 9. The screen now has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, which is said to be doubled from the Series 8. There is also a new pink colourway for the smartwatch, along with FineWoven bands – the same material used for Apple’s new iPhone cases – that are said to have a suede-like feel.

Now that the Apple Watch Series 9 has been registered with SIRIM already, we reckon the smartwatch will be available for purchase in Malaysia very, very soon. To recap, the Series 9 starts at RM1,899 on our shores.