Tesla Destination Charger Spotted at Sunway Putra Mall, KL
September 26, 2023 Andrew Cheng

A new Tesla charging station has been spotted in Malaysia! No, it is not a Supercharger, but it is a Tesla Destination Charger. Basically, it uses a lower-powered AC charger instead of a Supercharger’s faster DC charging technology.

The image below was first shared by MyEVOC on its X (formerly Twitter) account. It shows the Tesla Destination Charger still under construction in the parking area of Sunway Putra Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Looking at the image, it looks to be located quite close to the entrance of the mall.

While a Tesla Destination Charger isn’t as fast as a Supercharger, it does have a number of benefits. For one, you won’t have to worry about being charged idle fees; you can (technically) leave your EV charged overnight with a Destination Charger. Of course, you can still keep track of your charge level through the Tesla app.

Tesla Destination Chargers are usually free for Tesla owners to use, though there are some stations that require payment. It remains to be seen if the Destination Charger at Sunway Putra Mall will be free or not, and whether or not non-Tesla vehicles can use the Tesla-branded AC charger.