Marvel Snap Winterverse Event Now Live – 14-Day Login Reward, Winterverse Bundle & More
December 21, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Marvel Snap is running its first-ever limited time holiday celebration event. Dubbed Winterverse, there’s a pretty darn generous 14-day login reward, which is made up of gold, credits, boosters, and even a Nick Fury card signed by Samuel L. Jackson himself.

That’s right, every player who logged into Marvel Snap on Christmas Day (25 December) will receive the autographed Nick Fury card. Given the special treatment on the card, we assume it is considered as a different variant of the standard version.

Besides that, opening a Collector’s Reserve throughout Winterverse – 20 December 2022 to 2 January 2023 – may reward players with a special Winterverse variant of five different cards. These include Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, and Rogue. These Winterverse variants can only be received during the event.

Last but not least is the Winterverse Bundle, which offers pretty good value. Priced at 6,000 gold, it includes a Winterverse Sunspot variant, 100 Sunspot boosters, a Sunspot avatar, a title (Tacos After This?), 2,000 Collector’s Tokens, and a whopping 8,000 credits.

If you’ve been collecting your gold, it’s worth getting the Winterverse bundle, especially if you want to accelerate your Collection Level.

The Marvel Snap Winterverse event starts today until 2 January 2023. Not sure if the digital card game is worth playing? Then check out why it’s our 2022 mobile game of the year.