TTRacing Duo V4 Pro Review: Reasonable RM499 Gaming Chair
November 23, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Shopping for a gaming chair is quite intimidating. With so many different options in the market now, getting one that suits your needs can be difficult, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Well, if you happen to be shopping for a sub-RM500 gaming chair, consider the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro.

Not only is it (relatively) affordable, the Duo V4 Pro is also quite a comfortable gaming chair with some neat features. While it’s not as comfortable as TTRacing’s more premium options – like the Maxx – its feature set certainly reflects the price tag.

What It Is

The TTRacing Duo V4 Pro is one of the brand’s most affordable gaming chairs for RM499, though the standard Duo V4 is even more budget-friendly with a RM429 retail price. Compared to the Pro model, the regular Duo V4 doesn’t feature an adjustable headrest or XL lumbar pillow.

Beyond these two differences and a slightly different design, both the Duo V4 and Duo V4 Pro have the same features. These include a SeatFit seat base with a wide “open-ended” structure, a combination of PU leather and TTRacing’s Air Threads fabric upholsteries, cushioned armrests, as well as heavy duty nylon wheelbase and PU castors.

With that in mind, if you don’t need the Duo V4 Pro’s adjustable headrest and XL lumbar pillow, the standard Duo V4 will do just fine. That being said, I’d argue that it’s worth paying the extra RM70 for the Pro model to get these two features.

The Good Stuff

Compared to a typical office chair, the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro is certainly more comfortable to sit on. The SeatFit seat base is quite supportive with a large sitting area – so even bigger individuals can sit comfortably on it – and the XL lumbar pillow does add support to my lower back, though I do have my qualms with it; more on this later.

Aside from that, the adjustable headrest of the Duo V4 Pro is also useful to get a comfortable position for my head to rest on. Personally, I still prefer a head pillow for even more support, though that’s not to say this gaming chair’s headrest is inadequate.

Another positive aspect of the Duo V4 Pro when it comes to comfort are the cushioned armrests. While the cushioning is not particularly firm, it does provide a good amount of support for my elbows as I’m typing away on my desk.

Even though the armrests are not adjustable – acceptable for a gaming chair at this price point, in my opinion – I do find them to be placed in a comfortable position.

Speaking of which, getting a comfortable height with the Duo V4 Pro is a seamless process too, thanks to its smooth hydraulics. More often than not, affordable gaming chairs don’t have the smoothest hydraulics, so it’s great that this doesn’t apply to the V4 Pro.

And that is a good segue to the equally smooth castors of the Duo V4 Pro. Moving from one place to another with the gaming chair is quite fun (and breezy), given the sheer smoothness of the castors. In fact, I think they are too smooth; I find myself drifting back at the slightest push with my legs when I’m working at my desk.

And then there’s the affordability of the Duo V4 Pro. For RM499 – or RM429 if you forego the adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow with the regular Duo V4 – you’re getting quite a comfortable gaming chair for not too much money. However, it does have some shortcomings, which I’ll get to in the following section.

The Bad Stuff

While the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro is a comfortable chair, the seat base is not quite as firm or as supportive as I would’ve liked. It’s nice, soft, and cushioned when I first sit on it, but after some time, it does get slightly uncomfortable. It’s not as supportive as the firmer TTRacing Maxx, for example, though that is also a much more costly gaming chair.

I don’t quite like the XL lumbar pillow of the Duo V4 Pro either. The tall shape of the pillow doesn’t provide enough support for my lower back, so I prefer using the gaming chair without the pillow to get a “deeper” sitting position instead. Of course, your mileage may vary.

My last qualm with the Duo V4 Pro is its lack of backrest adjustment, so you only have one fixed sitting position. While there is tilt support, it’s not quite as useful as an adjustable backrest. Granted, this feature is usually reserved for more premium gaming chairs.

Is It Worth It?

Despite its shortcomings, it’s worth noting that the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro is only a RM499 gaming chair. Sure, the plush (but a tad too soft) seat base and fixed sitting position of the V4 Pro are not great, but it’s not exactly surprising for a gaming chair at this price point.

For RM499, the Duo V4 Pro is a reasonably compelling gaming chair with a number of nice creature comforts, such as an adjustable headrest, a large lumbar pillow – even if I’m not a big fan of it – and a wide seat base. If you like the looks of the Duo V4 Pro, and you’ve got RM499 to spare, give it a consideration.

You can get the Duo V4 Pro – or any other gaming chairs from the brand – on TTRacing’s official store; use the code NEXTRIFT10 to get a 10% discount with no minimum spend. We also have an assembly guide of the Duo V4 Pro.