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TTRacing Duo V4 Pro Gaming Chair Unboxing & Assembly – What Do You Get for RM499?

TTRacing has released quite a number of gaming chairs over the years, including the premium TTRacing Maxx, which I find to be a comfortable chair for long hours of…well, sitting. The latest offering from the company is the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro, a more affordable RM499 gaming chair.

Given its more budget-friendly price tag, the Duo V4 Pro isn’t as feature-rich as the Maxx, though it does have its own winning qualities. If you’re thinking of getting the gaming chair, here’s an unboxing and assembly of the Duo V4 Pro – it’s a (relatively) simple chair to assemble.

Unfortunately, the box of the Duo V4 Pro was slightly damaged when I received it; the nylon wheelbase was sticking out of the box. Thankfully, the bubble wrap protected the wheelbase quite well – there doesn’t seem to be any visible damage.

Anyway, once I got all the parts out of the box, I can start putting together the Duo V4 Pro. The first thing to assemble is the aforementioned wheelbase: I’ll need to install the five castors by just inserting the metal connectors of the castors to the slots on the wheelbase.

Next is the installation of the hydraulic piston, which is really just slotting it into the centre of the wheelbase. To make it look neater, a three-part cover is provided. When that’s done, I can move on to assembling the seat base with the tilt mechanism.

It’s important to make sure that the tilt mechanism is oriented correctly before installing it to the Duo V4 Pro’s seat base. Thanks to very clear “front” labels on both the seat cushion and tilt mechanism, it’s hard (almost impossible, really) to get the orientation wrong.

I’ll just need to use four M6x20 screws to secure the mechanism to the seat base. The screws that came with the gaming chair were not explicitly labeled, though it is quite easy to differentiate the two types of screws. Basically, use the shorter screws (there are only four of them) for this part of the assembly process.

An alley key with a Philips head is provided with the Duo V4 Pro for assembly, which is great. But what’s not so great is the fact that it gets in the way while I’m trying to install the tilt mechanism to the seat base; it was hitting the knob for the back pressure adjustment. It’s not a big deal by any means, but it is a small annoyance.

Once I’m done with the tilt mechanism assembly, I can move on to installing the armrests. Each armrest is labeled accordingly, so it’s quite easy to get the correct side installed. While assembling both armrests to the sides of the seat base, make sure to not screw them too tightly just yet to make the next process (slightly) easier.

Next comes the most difficult part of the assembly process; in my opinion, anyway. The reason why you shouldn’t screw the armrests too tightly to the chair is to make it easier to line up the two screw holes of the backrest to the openings on the armrests.

Really, this part of the assembly process took the longest for me. It’s difficult to get the orientation just right for both screw holes of the backrest to align properly with the armrests. Trying to install the screws while holding on to the backrest is a challenge in itself too.

Granted, this process could be easier if I had another person to help me out, though it’s certainly possible to assemble the whole chair on my own, albeit with some frustration.

After installing the backrest, all that’s left is to attach the tilt mechanism to the hydraulic piston on the wheelbase. It’s a bit tricky to align the two parts together – again, another pair of hands and eyes would make it easier – but I did manage to do it after a bit of fumbling.

And that’s the whole assembly process of the Duo V4 Pro! With the exception of the backrest installation, it’s a pretty simple gaming chair to put together. As for the chair itself, it’s quite good. While it’s not as comfortable as the Maxx – though that’s a much more costly RM999 gaming chair – it does offer better comfort than your everyday office chair.

On top of that, the Duo V4 Pro’s castors are also quite smooth, allowing me to glide across the room effortlessly. I appreciate the adjustable headrest and XL lumbar pillow of this gaming chair too.

If you’re interested to pick up the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro – or any other gaming chairs from the company – use our discount code NEXTRIFT10 on TTRacing’s official store to get a 10% discount with no minimum spend. Of course, if you’re still on the fence about getting the Duo V4 Pro or not, stay tuned for the full review. I’ll be sure to put it through its paces in the next couple of weeks.

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