2022 Perodua Alza – 65% Bookings Are For RM75,500 AV Variant
July 20, 2022 Andrew Cheng

It appears Malaysians are more inclined to get the highest-end option when shopping for a new car. We saw this trend with the new Honda HR-V, and now, the same thing is happening with the 2022 Perodua Alza. According to Perodua, 65% of total bookings for the MPV consist of the range-topping AV variant.

Given that Perodua has collected over 30,000 bookings of the Alza, almost 20,000 customers are opting for the most expensive AV trim, which is priced at RM75,500. The national carmaker did not specify booking numbers for the base X and mid-range H models, which go for RM62,500 and RM68,000 respectively.

Compared to the two more affordable models, the Alza AV has a number of exclusive features, and customers are certainly willing to pay for them. These include a 360-degree camera, an integrated dashcam, electronic parking brake with auto brake hold, support for Android Auto, as well as the full capability of Perodua’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA).

ASA for the AV variant of the Alza consists of adaptive cruise control, lane keep control, and blind spot monitor. While ASA is also offered on the X and H models, it’s only limited to pre-collision braking, pre-collision warning, and pedal misoperation control.

Aside from that, the new Alza is powered by a 1.5L DOHC engine that outputs 106PS and 138Nm of torque; slightly higher figures than the same engine found in the latest Myvi. Paired with a D-CVT transmission, it has an impressive quoted fuel efficiency of 22km per litre.

Deliveries of the 2022 Perodua Alza will begin today, so some lucky buyers will get their brand new MPV by the end of the day. Perodua assures customers who have placed their bookings by 30 June will receive the Alza by 31 March 2023 next year to enjoy tax-free prices.