We Tried 4 Interesting Thocky/Clacky Keyboard Switches You Can Buy in Malaysia Right Now
March 7, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Over the past couple of years, it’s getting easier to get our hands on custom keyboard parts in Malaysia, thanks to the emergence of more local vendors. One such entity is NullKeyboards, which has brought in quite a number of switches to the Malaysian market.

NullKeyboards was kind enough to send us 22 different switches to try out; all of which are currently offered by the vendor…except for a couple that are sold out at the moment. Anyway, here are some noteworthy switches that we’ve received from NullKeyboards.

Gateron Oil King

Its unique name aside, the Gateron Oil King 80g linear switch is largely considered to be the true successor to the Gateron Ink Black – rather than the Box Ink V2 – with its deep, “thocky” sound profile. This can be attributed to its nylon top housing, as well as “ink-material” bottom housing.

It makes sense for the Oil King to have (what appears to be) the same bottom housing as the popular Ink Black, which explains its deep sound signature. Aside from that, the factory lubing on this switch is very good too. There’s no audible scratchiness at all throughout the downstroke, though there’s a slight leaf tick.

Priced at RM30 for a pack of 10 switches from NullKeyboards, the Oil King is similarly priced to other high-end switches in the market now. If you want a low-pitched switch with a deep, “full” sound, the Oil King is a fantastic option.

JWK Poseidon by Moyu Studio

Designed by Moyu Studio, the Poseidon is a linear switch manufactured by JWK; one of the most recognisable names in the custom keyboard hobby. One of the most unique aspects of the Poseidon has to be its 58g three-stage spring – not something you see very often.

Basically, there are three distinct sections to the Poseidon’s spring, making it a “slow” spring. Compared to shorter, “faster” springs, the slow nature of this three-stage spring offers more resistance at the very top of the downstroke, so there’s less chance of accidental key presses.

On top of that, the upstroke of the Poseidon is noticeably faster and more forceful with this three-stage spring, making for a more…well, responsive typing experience. Paired with a longer than usual POM stem, top and bottom housings made of nylon, the Poseidon is also a deep-sounding, “poppy” switch – you get this from the longer stem pole of the switch hitting the bottom housing.

How much does the Poseidon cost? Just like the Oil King, NullKeyboards is listing it at RM30 for a pack of 10 switches. In my opinion, this is a fair asking price for a linear switch this good.

Owlab Tungsten

Don’t quite fancy the blue colourway of the Poseidon, but want the same deep, poppy sound profile? Then the Owlab Tungsten is right up your alley. Also manufactured by JWK, this linear switch has a full nylon housing and a long stem pole made of POM; just like the Poseidon. However, its stem isn’t quite as long as the latter.

However, the Tungsten does have one issue: the 63g spring is…noisy. Even at normal typing speeds, the spring ping is very audible, which affects the overall refinement of this linear switch. Lubing the spring should help to remove this unpleasant sound, though it would’ve been great if it wasn’t so pingy in the first place.

At the moment, the Tungsten is currently priced at RM29.50 for a pack of 10 switches from NullKeyboards, so it’s ever so slightly more affordable than the Poseidon. But do note that the Tungsten’s noisier and shorter spring does not provide the same responsiveness afforded by the Poseidon’s three-stage spring.

SP-Star Duck

SP-Star makes some of the clackiest – that is, high-pitched – switches in the market, and the SP-Star Duck is no different. Not only does this 58g tactile switch has a nice, pleasant clacky sound profile (in my opinion), its light tactile bump also makes for an interesting typing experience.

If you are – dare I say – a fan of Cherry MX Brown switch, then you’d definitely want to check out the Duck. Its tactile event is slightly more pronounced than MX Brown, but it’s not overly tactile like the Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky or Anubis.

On top of that, you also get this bright yellow switch with an orange stem. You know, just like a…duck.

Bad pun aside, the SP-Star Duck is sold by NullKeyboards at only RM23 for a pack of 10 switches. That’s certainly a good price for a light tactile switch of this calibre.