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Gateron Box Ink V2 Now Available on Pantheon (Singapore) For S$11.50

The all-new Gateron Box Ink V2 linear switch is now available from Pantheon, a vendor based in Singapore. At the moment, it is the closest vendor to us here in Malaysia to offer the new switch, so you won’t have to pay too much for shipping.

Considered to be superior to the original Gateron Ink V2, the Box Ink V2 now features a dustproof stem to reduce stem wobble. It also retains the switch’s “thocky” sound signature while also providing a smoother typing feel; a winning combination for a linear switch. Watch the video below for a sound test of the new switch.

That being said, the Box Ink V2 does have one big difference over its predecessor that could be a dealbreaker to some folks: it has less key travel. It offers only 3.4mm of travel, which is 0.6mm shorter than the original Ink V2. While this reduction in travel does not sound like much, it will be quite noticeable as you start using it.

Anyway, the Gateron Box Ink V2 is now available for purchase from Pantheon. Priced at S$11.50 for 10 switches (about RM35), it certainly carries a premium price tag, though the Gateron Ink series has always been positioned as a premium offering.

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