Video: Akko CS Sponge & Jelly Blue Sound Test on Ikki68 Aurora
November 9, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Here’s our sound test of the Akko CS Sponge and Jelly Blue tactile switches! Beyond the different colourway of these two switches, both of them are similar to each other: both of them have a long 22mm two-stage spring with a “dual tactile bump.”

Interestingly, despite the similarity between the two tactile switches, the Jelly Blue has a slightly higher-pitched sound profile; this can be attributed to the Cherry-style housing of the switch. In comparison, the Sponge has a Kailh-style housing.

Aside from these Akko CS Sponge and Jelly Blue tactile switches, we also got the Jelly Black and Starfish linear switches from Akko. Stay tuned for our review of these switches!