Glorious Lynx “Premium” Linear Switch Now in Malaysia From RM109 – Lubed for RM50 Extra
September 24, 2021 Andrew Cheng

The Glorious Lynx, the company’s first-ever linear switch – and second switch release after the Glorious Panda – is now available in Malaysia. Said to be a premium offering, the Lynx certainly comes with a matching price tag. Surprisingly enough, even the lubed version is available here.

Both Dotatech and ETECH PC currently have the Glorious Lynx in stock. The unlubed version costs RM109 for a box of 36 switches, while the lubed Lynx costs RM50 extra, bringing up the price to RM159. If you want to purchase individual switches instead, you can do so from Keys.

This puts the Lynx in the same price point as other high-end linear switches, so it’ll be interesting to see how it would compare to, say, the SP-Star or Cobalt POM. On paper, the Lynx looks to be a reasonably good linear switch with a 60g “proprietary” spring and a five-pin design.

The Lynx is also said to offer a “truly transcended, ultra-smooth typing experience” – we’d definitely put this to the test to see if it can really deliver on this promise. Beyond that, the Lynx has a polycarbonate top housing, a nylon bottom housing, as well as a POM stem – standard specs of a linear switch, really.

If you’re interested to pick up the Glorious Lynx switch, you can do so from Dotatech and ETECH PC. Alternatively, if you’re not quite sure it’s the switch for you, get individual switches instead from Keys.