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Glorious Lynx – Glorious’ First “Premium” Linear Switch

Glorious just revealed a brand new mechanical keyboard switch, the Glorious Lynx. This is the company’s first-ever linear switch – and second switch release after the Glorious Panda – and it’s said to be a premium offering…with a price to match.

Available both unlubed and lubed, the Lynx is unmistakably quite a costly linear switch. A box of unlubed Lynx switch – which contains 36 switches – retails at $25 (RM105), while a box of lubed ones costs $35 (about RM145). Basically, you’re paying about RM3 per switch or RM4 for the lubed version.

This puts the Lynx in the same price point as other high-end linear switches, so it’ll be interesting to see how it would compare to, say, the SP-Star or Cobalt POM. On paper, the Lynx looks to be a reasonably good linear switch with a 60g “proprietary” spring and a five-pin design.

The Lynx is also said to offer a “truly transcended, ultra-smooth typing experience” – we’d definitely put this to the test to see if it can really deliver on this promise. Beyond that, the Lynx has a polycarbonate top housing, a nylon bottom housing, as well as a POM stem – standard specs of a linear switch, really.

No word yet on exactly when the Glorious Lynx will be available for purchase. Given that the Glorious Panda is sold locally here in Malaysia via Sun Cycle, we reckon the Lynx will eventually be offered here too.

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