NovelKeys NK87 Entry Edition Confirmed – Will Cost Less Than $150
June 23, 2021 Andrew Cheng

NovelKeys just revealed its upcoming keyboard, the NovelKeys NK87 Entry Edition. Essentially a polycarbonate version of the NK87 Aluminium Edition, it will be a pretty affordable TKL custom mechanical keyboard. Set to be available either in August or September 2021, the NK87 Entry Edition will be priced below the $150 (about RM625) mark.

Mike of NovelKeys gave us the very first look at the NK87 Entry Edition on the company’s YouTube channel. He showed off the transparent and black colourways of the TKL keyboard, and looking closer at the right side of the table, you can see other colour options too. There’s light blue, pink, and even a transparent green (or yellow) case.

Unlike the NK87 Aluminium Edition, the Entry Edition can be built with a screwless design, as showcased by Mike in the video above. Basically, the top part of the case – which are fitted with rubber gaskets – are clipped to the bottom case, eliminating the need for screws.

Of course, if you want a stiffer typing experience, the NK87 Entry Edition can still be built with screws, though it appears to be using a tray mount system instead. It will also come with a polycarbonate plate, along with support for screw-in stabilisers.

According to Mike, more details on the NovelKeys NK87 Entry Edition will be revealed in the near future. To recap, the TKL custom mechanical keyboard will be launched sometime in August or September 2021 for less than $150.