Perodua Ativa – 4,624 Units Delivered in April 2021, Waiting Time up to 4 Months Now
May 4, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Perodua just released its sales figure for the month of April 2021, and the carmaker’s latest compact SUV, the Perodua Ativa, continues to be delivered to even more customers. A total of 4,624 bookings of the Ativa were fulfilled last month, bringing the total number of units delivered to 8,969.

According to Perodua, demand for the Ativa continues to be strong, with an average of 290 daily bookings. In fact, the waiting time for the SUV now stands between two to four months, depending on which variant and colour that are chosen.

Considering the fact that the sales tax exemption given by the government will expire in two months, not everyone will be able to enjoy the current tax-free prices for the Ativa.

Anyway, Perodua managed to deliver a total of 20,399 vehicles to customers last month. In contrast, the carmaker delivered 24,431 units the previous month in March 2021; Perodua said this difference is caused by the global chip shortage.

“The chip shortage is our top priority at present and we are deploying all our resources to deal with it, including working closely with the government and our business partners for viable solutions. Perodua remains committed towards timely deliveries, aided by our economies of scale,” said the CEO of Perodua, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

Given the growing waiting period, there’s no doubt the Perodua Ativa is proving to be a popular compact SUV among Malaysians. Hopefully, those who have booked the Ativa not long after its initial launch in early March will be able to get it before the sales tax exemption expires at the end of June 2021.