2021 OLED Nintendo Switch to Feature New Nvidia Chip With DLSS Support
March 23, 2021 Andrew Cheng

We’re getting more details on the upcoming 2021 Nintendo Switch with (supposedly) an OLED display. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the updated Switch will reportedly come with a new chip from Nvidia, complete with Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support for improved graphics performance.

Given that the 2021 Switch is said to be able to output 4K content when it’s connected to a TV, DLSS – which essentially renders a game at a lower resolution but with improved quality – is a good method to achieve that. DLSS is currently only offered on Nvidia’s RTX GPUs, so it’ll be interesting to see exactly how a portable console like the Switch will support this feature.

Aside from that, the Bloomberg report also revealed that the new Switch will allegedly be released by the end of the year. On top of that, a price increase is believed to be happening too, though it remains to be seen by exactly how much. To provide context, the Switch currently retails at $299 (about RM1,230) in the US.

So far, rumours are suggesting that the new Switch will come with a number of neat upgrades. Aside from the new Nvidia chip with support for DLSS, it is believed to feature a larger 7-inch OLED screen than the current model’s smaller 6.2-inch LCD panel. The resolution of the OLED display, on the other hand, will remain at 720p.

The 2021 OLED Nintendo Switch is definitely shaping up to be quite the upgrade over the current model. We expect to hear more about the new version as we approach its tentative release date towards the end of the year.