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2021 Nintendo Switch Will Feature OLED Screen & 4K Graphics

The Nintendo Switch has been rumoured to be updated for quite some time now, but it appears a new version of the portable console will finally be released later this year. According to a Bloomberg report, the new Switch will come with an OLED panel and support for 4K graphics.

That’s right, the 2021 Switch will transition away from the current 6.2-inch LCD panel to a brighter, more vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, though the resolution will still be limited to 720p. Given that the OLED panel is also bigger now, the new Switch will either sport slimmer bezels, or we could be getting a fresh new design, though we reckon it will be the former.

Aside from that, the upcoming Switch will reportedly support 4K graphics as well, but as expected, this is only possible when the console is hooked up to a TV. This may indicate that the new Switch will feature more powerful hardware to keep up with the increased resolution.

As for exactly when the updated Switch will hit the market, we’re likely looking at the second quarter of 2021, closer to the holiday season. After all, the Samsung-made OLED screens for the updated console are only set to enter mass production sometime in June 2021. On top of that, the Bloomberg report also mentioned that “the displays are slated for shipment to assemblers around July.”

If you’re thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch soon, it may be worth it to wait for the 2021 Switch instead for the better, larger screen, and support for 4K graphics. But given the hardware upgrades, there’s a chance the new Switch will cost more as well.

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