More NovelKeys NK87 Details Revealed – Pre-Orders Until 2 April
March 9, 2021 Andrew Cheng

NovelKeys has finally revealed more information on its first TKL keyboard, the NovelKeys NK87 Aluminium Edition. Available for pre-order right now until 2 April, the NK87 sports a number of improvements over NovelKeys’ previous custom mechanical keyboards, such as the NK65 Aluminium and NK65 Entry.

Unlike NovelKeys’ previous keyboards, the NK87 actually supports screw-in stabilisers, although it will come with NovelKeys-branded plate-mounted stabilisers out of the box. The vendor also clarified that while the NK87 can use screw-in stabilisers, some of them may be very tight in the plate, depending on the brand of the stabilisers.

Aside from that, the NK87 also uses a modified top-mount system with quite a number of silicones to enhance the sound profile of the keyboard. There are eight “thock absorber” silicone strips between the plate and top case, as well as two silicone dampening pads; one on the bottom, and another one between the plate and PCB. It’ll be interesting to see how these silicones will affect the sound profile of the NK87.

Other specifications of the NK87 include a hotswap PCB, a CNC aluminium case, an aluminium plate, as well as five different colours: Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow, Universal Beige, Black Anodised, and E-White. It’s worth noting that the first three colours have a “NovelKote” texture, which is a spray coating with a light texture to it that is “reminiscent of the coatings on vintage cameras,” as NovelKeys puts it.

The NovelKeys NK87 Aluminium Edition is now available for pre-order on NovelKeys’ website for $265 (about RM1,090) until 2 April, and it will start shipping sometime in Q4 2021. Once pre-orders have ended, the NK87 will retail at $285 (approximately RM1,175) instead, so make sure you place your order before 2 April if you want to enjoy the $20 discount.