Genshin Impact Ganyu Gameplay Trailer Released; Showcases Her Abilities
January 11, 2021 Andrew Cheng

Mihoyo just released the gameplay trailer for Genshin Impact’s next 5-star character, Ganyu. Not only do we get a better look at her in-game appearance in this video, we also get to see some of her unique Cryo skills in action.

Ganyu is a bow user with a Cryo Vision, but unlike other characters that wield the same weapon, her Charged Attack has two levels. A level one Charged Attack fires an arrow that deals Cryo damage, while charging it to level two fires a “Frostflake Arrow” that deals Cryo damage and a second instance of AoE Cryo damage.

Given that no other bow user in Genshin Impact has two levels of Charged Attack, this makes Ganyu a particularly unique bow-wielding character. Her Elemental Skill (Trail of the Qilin), on the other hand, leaves an Ice Lotus that deals AoE Cryo damage. The Ice Lotus will taunt enemies, and once it is destroyed by enemies (or its duration ends), it will deal AoE Cryo damage again.

As for Ganyu’s Elemental Burst, Celestial Shower, a “Sacred Cryo Pearl” is summoned in a pretty big AoE. While the skill is active, shards of ice will continuously rain down on enemies in the AoE that will deal Cryo damage. If the Elemental Burst is activated on water, it seems to freeze the surface of the water (in the affected area) as well.

Ganyu will be available in Genshin Impact tomorrow on 12 January; for those who are here in Malaysia, Ganyu’s Adrift in the Harbor banner will go live at 6PM. Accompanying her are three other 4-star characters, including Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Noelle.